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ABA Therapy In Gilbert, Arizona

We provide ABA therapy in Gilbert, Arizona to help children with autism improve their social and communication skills. Call us (404) 400-5004.

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Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to help children grow and thrive by improving communication, social, and adaptive skills.

Our Team

Our dedicated and experienced BCBAs develop programs that suit each child's unique skill set.

Our Vision

We believe that children with autism can lead happy and productive lives that are not defined by their special needs.

How ABA Therapy Is Personalized For Your Child

ABA therapy is highly individualized and tailored to each child's unique needs and strengths. It typically involves breaking down complex skills into smaller, more manageable steps and using positive reinforcement to encourage the child to learn and practice these skills.

For example, a child who struggles with social interactions may work on making eye contact, initiating conversations, and responding appropriately to social cues.

Research has consistently shown that ABA therapy can be highly effective in helping children with autism thrive. In fact, the National Autism Center has identified ABA therapy as one of the few interventions with strong scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness.

One study published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders found that children who received intensive ABA therapy for two or more years showed significant improvements in language, cognitive, and adaptive skills compared to children who received less intensive therapy or no therapy at all.

Another study published in the same journal found that children who received ABA therapy for 20-40 hours per week for two years showed significant improvements in social communication, play skills, and daily living skills.

ABA therapy has also been shown to be effective in reducing challenging behaviors such as tantrums, aggression, and self-injury. By teaching children more appropriate ways to communicate their needs and wants, ABA therapy can help reduce frustration and improve overall quality of life for both the child and their family.

It's important to note that ABA therapy is not a one-size-fits-all approach and may not be appropriate for every child with autism. However, for many children, ABA therapy can be a highly effective way to help them develop important skills and behaviors and reach their full potential.