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Summer Hayslip


Meet Summer!

A BCBA who has experience in the clinical, home, school and community settings. She is passionate about compassionate care and making ABA fun and natural. Using evidence-based behavioral programs, Summer strives to provide exceptional and individualized programs for each client and their families. She highly values collaboration, communication and creativity and does her best to use those values to best serve the families she works with.

Summer began working and practicing progressive ABA in 2019 because she wanted to help change the world for the kids she worked with. She quickly realized that it was those kids that were, instead, changing the world for her.

In no time at all, Summer decided that this field was the right place for her. She continued her education, earning her masters degree from Arizona State University and then her BCBA certification.

Summer has experience working with a variety of individuals, ages (ages 18 months to 23 years old) and families of different backgrounds. She’s worked on skills ranging from communication to adaptive, to vocational.

Summer uses a compassionate, patient approach in order to be not only a beacon of support for her team, but a safe place for them to fly, fail and grow. Her biggest goal is to give them the tools and skills they need to not need her anymore.

In her personal life, Summer is a proud active-duty military spouse. She has a 90-pound German Shepherd Dog named Stormi and enjoys DIY flipping furniture as a hobby.