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Sarah Skinner-Hall


Sarah was born and raised in Henderson, KY.  She is married and is a mother of 2. She likes music, being outdoors, watching football, is a Detroit Lions fan, listening to podcasts (to and from work), cooking new recipes and loves dogs. A true dog person at heart. Two weeks prior to getting married, she passed her BCBA exam and just added her husband’s last name with a hyphen. She realized that she couldn’t drop her maiden name because how could she work in this field and not keep her maiden name? As of current, she has not done any ancestry search to see if there is any relation to B.F. Skinner.

Sara Skinner-Hall graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice in 2009. Upon applying to graduate programs for Clinical Psychology, Sarah was introduced to the field of ABA. She completed her Master of Arts in Applied Behaviour Analysis in 2010 and became a BCBA in 2018. Her experience in the field has predominantly been working with adolescents and adults providing behavior management for in-home and community-based Services.