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Brandon Hoilien


My mother told me, "You won't finish that degree and you won't get that job". My reply was simple, "yes I will'. Driven to change lives and fueled by anxiety and caffeine, I completed my masters degree and became a BCBA in 2021.

Prior to entering the field of ABA in 2017 I had worked multiple construction jobs, served in the Air Force as a firefighter, sold books, and tried to find my purpose through many other paths.

Seeing the impact on the lives of my clients and their families when I found ABA confirmed that I had found the purpose I had been looking for.

I still use the skills I've picked up along the way to make life outside of work meaningful. I enjoy creating art out of wood, fixing up the previously abandoned farm house our family now lives in, fishing, cooking, and putting out the occasional kitchen fire. I'm a full time father to my biological daughter and three stepsons who together keep my wife and I busy.

Always the optimist, I see the potential in this old farm and in the clients I serve, we just need to put in the work. I believe meaning and purpose are found not at the end of the journey but how we are shaped along the way!